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If you are an educator/tertiary provider you may want to use some of the JC Online Courses to create stand-alone courses or entire 15 week programs. The online courses have been created with this in mind, an assessment task designed for each unit of work, within each course.

The online courses can be tailored to create learning outcomes and you can cherry pick content to suit the academic needs of your students and your curriculum. It may be that you want me involved in some manner from guest lectures to webinars, to adapting some of the material to suit your specific needs. If you have such requests please do not hesitate contacting me at

Note please that the JC Online Courses are licensed for individual use and if you want to use the resources within academic settings and courses, please contact me at


Consultancy to the sport industry is a significant part of my life’s work and experience. I thrive on the opportunity to help others. Over the years as a strength and conditioning coach I trained many individual and team sport athletes. I have been part of programmes that have resulted in World Championships in discus and netball. I spend most of my time now mentoring and/or supervising strength and conditioning coaches and trainers. I have consulted and continue to consult nationally and internationally to organisations such as Malaysian Institute of Sport, NZ Cricket, British Athletics – Sprints, and Sportboleh, Malaysia.

Joseph Dolcetti
CEO LILA Movement Technologies
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“Having worked in elite sport science for over 30 years I've long been familiar withJohn's significant body of work and exceptional global reputation as one of the best applied sport scientists in our field. However, after having the opportunity to work directly with him this past few years, has solidified for me that John's insatiable research mind, moral and personal character, incredible work ethic, global reputation and respect among his peers and leadership in our field are truly second to none. I simply cannot overstate the value he has had to myself and our company.I'm honoured and humbled to now call him a friend and I've no doubt any engagement you may have the privilege of, will be both rewarding and fruitful.”

Bryan Stronach
Head of High Performance New Zealand Cricket
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“John Cronin has acted in a consultant role for New Zealand Cricket (NZC) for eight years. He was an instrumental in leading and guiding High Performance Cricket into the 21st century. Cricket was stuck in the dark ages around Strength and Conditioning, Sports Science and Research. NZC cannot compete with the rest of the Cricket world around depth of talent or resource. This means that keeping our best players on the field and driving their performance is critical to us. Without the help and support of John we would have never been able to climb the world rankings and have the most successful period in NZC’s history. John also offers amazing knowledge in other areas such as leadership, cultural support and organisational systems and structure. These are all areas that holistically support his areas of expertise. I personally would not hesitate to recommend John as an expert to any organisation.”

Dr Michael Johnston
Lead Strength and Conditioning Coach British Athletics
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“I have been fortunate enough to be mentored by Professor Cronin since 2016. Aside from his obvious expertise in strength and power development, John also has the gift of being able to look at a performance problem and see solutions that are both effective and innovate. He has been fundamental to the development of our diagnostic program within British Athletics, and I would wholeheartedly recommend him to other sports and practitioners.”


A natural extension of being an educator is mentoring, which typically involves one on one time with you or a small group of people. What this has looked like over the years has varied: 

  • Delivering specific content to upskill high performance strength and conditioning coaches.
  • Working through the JC Online course content with individuals on a one-on-one basis, identifying the knowledge areas that need remediation or extension work.
  • Providing constructive advice on improving the diagnostic assessments you are using and your program writing.
  • Providing strength and conditioning career advice and connecting people into networks that will assist in their advancement where possible. 

Making sure you understand the why of what you are doing and suggesting alternative or better ways of doing things where appropriate, provides the backbone of this service.


I enjoy getting out there, meeting people and sharing my learnings but also realise this is a symbiotic process and my learnings are usually from the teaching of others via formal research or the simple opportunity of watching peers weave their magic with the people they work with. I am fortunate that I have the opportunity to travel a lot and therefore observe best practice from around the world. It’s a blend of applied research and evidence based-practice I enjoy speaking about.  

I have spoken at conferences, seminars and workshops around the world. In 2017 and 2019 I delivered presentations in Malaysia (University of Malaysia and Malaysian Institute of Sport), China (Shandong Sport University, Shandong and Chinese Institute of Sport Science,Beijing), UK Strength and Conditioning Association (Cardiff and Heathrow), Argentina (K-Sport  Buenos Aires and University of Cordoba), USA (National Strength and Conditioning Association Conference, Indianapolis; Phoenix Arizona; Dallas and Houston, Texas), Borneo (Borneo Sports Symposium), Ecuador (High Performance Symposium), France (PSG - Striving for Excellence Summit), Germany (Karlsruhe Biannual Soccer Conference).