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Are you interested in physical conditioning?


  • A physiotherapist or athletic trainer wanting to develop your strength and conditioning knowledge to enhance your scope of practice?
  • A strength and conditioning coach who wants to up-skill and up-knowledge?
  • Interested in becoming a better athlete and player?
  • Interested in training others to become better athletes and players?
  • An educator who wants to broaden their understanding and curriculum?
  • A fitness enthusiast or personal trainer wanting to broaden your understanding beyond fitness and health to focus more on improving athletic and sporting performance?
  • A physical education teacher that needs to supplement your knowledge around strength and conditioning?

If this sounds like you and you want to deepen your understanding of why you do what you do then let's kickstart your learning today!

JC Online Courses and Research Bytes accommodate a variety of different learning styles, where theory and practice are integrated to provide actionable steps that strengthen up your knowledge and power up your performance!

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Strengthen your knowledge and deepen your understanding around physical conditioning to improve movement, athletic and sporting performance. Enhance the service you can deliver as a coach, educator, practitioner and business owner.


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JC Online Courses
 focus on specific themes in physical conditioning with each course typically containing three different topics.

Each Online Course typically contains nine modules:

  • 3x Masterclass
  • 3x Assessment Zone
  • 3x Exercise Zone

Online Courses can improve your knowledge and practice as a therapist/coach/practitioner and are updated periodically.

Research Bytes focus on providing evidence based research that is condensed into user-friendly, easy to digest, bite sized formats for you to learn, absorb and apply to your practice. These can be purchased for $5 USD/month. Research Bytes are released monthly.

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" You have the power to change people’s lives with the knowledge you speak. Make sure your speak is knowledgeable! "

John Cronin

PhD, BEd, MA, Dip High Performance Coaching, DipPE, Dip Tchg

What do you get as part of the team?

Online courses

You can purchase any of our online courses starting from $90 USD. Some of our courses also offer NSCA CEUs. These courses typically contain 3-4 different topics. Each topic has 1 Masterclass, 1 Exercise Zone and 1 Assessment Zone.


Video resource (10-15 mins) that aims to help you develop a clear sense of purpose around your own training sessions and training of athletes. These Masterclasses aim to develop your knowledge, professional skills, expertise and confidence. You will gain a better understanding why you do what you do, and how to achieve the results and outcomes you are wanting. There is an emphasis on your biomechanical and physiological understanding in these classes.


Resources that hone your ability to capture and interpret data that genuinely profile “real change” in your athletes. Basic to advanced assessment techniques are discussed and you are asked to “act-on” this information to improve your ability to assess and monitor changes in movement and performance. The material is often linked to the material presented in the Masterclasses.


Video examples of exercises and how they can be integrated into a training session and/or periodised into the training schedule to improve movement, athleticism and sporting performance. The videos are often linked to the material presented in the Masterclasses.


Each Research Byte (3-5 mins) is a video-graphic of the peer-reviewed published research I have been involved in. The Research Byte presents a brief outline of the research, but mostly focuses on the practical applications of the findings to assist you as a trainer and practitioner. These are released on a monthly basis and are $5 USD/month.


These are stand-alone resources that have been created with my students where we convert some innovative research into actionable exercises and programs. The content for these are  related to some of the cutting edge research we are doing, and begin with a brief showcase of the research but quickly progress into actionable steps to enhance your strength and conditioning practice.

JC's Musings

I'll share some of the cool things that we are up to in the strength and conditioning, and sport technology space, things that have picked my interest and/or some of my learnings from many years in the game.


I like to write about aspects of Strength and Conditioning in more detail, they take a bit more reading to absorb and digest. Typically these are packed with more figures and tables and geared towards up-skilling knowledge and expertise.

Who is this education for?


An undergraduate degree in sport science, physiotherapy or kinesiology is desirable but not essential if you have a history in exercise, training people, being trained, and/or if you are willing to do the work.

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Strengthen your knowledge and power up your performance...


  • Wanting to take a deep dive to strengthen your knowledge and practice in strength and conditioning?
  • Confused or overwhelmed by the quantity of information out there?
  • Unsure if you can trust the quality of this information?
  • Confident that you are up to speed on the latest information around injury resistance/prevention and athletic/sporting performance?
  • Providing the best training advice to your athletes and clients?
  • Able to explain the adaptation you are seeking in your athletes?
  • Using best practice assessment procedures?
  • Wanting to ultimately understand why you do what you do, when it comes to training your athletes and players?

If these questions are bouncing around your grey matter, then get the edge on your learning, take a deep dive and educate yourself directly with JC Online Courses and Research Bytes.

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If this all sounds like you then sign up to one of our courses today!

Sign up to our Optimising Strength and Power Course + 0.4 CEUs

This course focuses on how to optimise the force capabilities in those you work with. The topics covered in this course are, the contractile component, parallel elastic component and series elastic component

Each topic contains 3 modules.

  • 1 Masterclass
  • 1 Assessment Zone
  • 1 Exercise Zone

You will have lifetime access to this content! So what are you waiting for?

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Why I created JC online

“Your learning experience is my passion, I want  to provide resources that ignite your thinking and challenge you to be better. I want to train your brain to be more critical and creative, to expand your physical conditioning practice.”

Helping you be better at what you do, is my why! I have been a student of strength and conditioning since my youth, my focus over time changing from making myself stronger and faster, to making others stronger and faster and to now mentoring strength and conditioning coaches and practitioners around the world to be better at guiding their athletes and the people they train. This experience and expertise, coupled with a passion for research into strength and conditioning, enables me to share learnings and knowledge with you that can make a real difference to you as a user of this information.

Why go online?  Well people often ask when I teach, “Is there a book or article that I can go to read more about this?” Most often I reply “Not really, it’s how I have patched a lot of bits and pieces together over the years to understand and improve strength, power, speed and so on.” So this has brought me to this juncture of my life, unpacking my cluttered brain and providing these resources and learnings for you.

What’s really important to me is that you understand the why of what you do, to improve your practice and the service you deliver. What makes these resources unique? It’s integrated in a way that gives context to your learning and is practice focused with a solid underpinning in science.  So that’s what you get with JC Online – resources that are mostly unique, can be trusted and have the potential to transform what you to do and give you more confidence as an educator, coach and practitioner. The flow on effects to your athlete’s and players will be obvious, and your career and/or business can benefit as well.

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