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Optimising Strength and Power - A Connective Tissue Perspective + 0.4 NSCA CEU's


WHAT YOU LEARN In this online block course

Optimising the force capability of those you work with requires an understanding of the tissues at play and how to target these tissues with focused assessments and training. Muscle is not the only tissue that has a role in force production. Forty percent of muscle is connective tissue, which is hugely significant in the transmission of forces. The tendon is also hugely significant in the storage of elastic energy and transmission of forces. The tendon lies in series with the muscle and mysial tissues, and connects these tissues to bone to produce movement. In this block course, you will learn about the contribution of the contractile component from muscles to myofilaments, the role of parallel elastic component (mysial tissues as well as the titin filament) and how to assess and improve their contribution to force. Finally, you will learn about the role of the series elastic component and how to assess and improve tendon contribution to force production and transmission.

Each topic (Contractile component, parallel elastic component and series elastic component) is comprised of three units of work.

1.   A Masterclass that introduces you to the physiology of the topic and introduces you to assessment, programming and adaptations related to the component of interest.

2.   An assessment Zone that takes you through different types and ways to assess the component of interest, as well as key points for collecting strength and power data for improved accuracy and reliability. These assessment zones finish with a case study where you practice the techniques covered and your interpretation of the data,

3.   An Exercise Zone where you will learn how to preferentially target the component of interest via simple exercise, progressions and programming considerations.

This course will contain a total of 10 units of work (1x Introduction to the three component model, 3x Masterclasses, 3xAssessment Zones and 3x Exercise Zones). This block course will finish with a written examination that will be marked by one of our assessors. Once you have completed the course, you will be provided with a NSCA Certificate of Completion.

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Understanding why you do what you do

What makes these ONLINE COURSES unique?

As a practitioner I believe that you need to understand:

  1. The biomechanics and/or physiology of what you are trying to change whether it be strength, power, speed, etc.
  2. How to assess these qualities understanding the importance of best practice procedures so you detect “real”changes in performance.
  3. How to write programs to effect changes in performance of these fitness qualities. Each of these factors are inter-related.
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For example, by improving your understanding and skills around assessment of your clients and athletes, your understanding of the biomechanics and/or physiology should be enhanced and your programming better informed. So this is what you get with JC Online – resources that are mostly unique, are integrated, can be trusted and have the potential to transform what you to do and give you more confidence as an educator, coach and practitioner.  

Each course has a theme which have three modules within it:

  1. A Masterclass where the biomechanics and/or physiology around the theme are introduced as well as a brief discussion of the assessment and programming relevant to the topic;
  2. Assessment Zone, where aspect of assessment in relation to the theme are unpacked in detail; and
  3. Exercise Zone where you are introduced to exercises and/or programming to improve the quality of interest.