Flywheel Technology Courses

Welcome to this specialisation in Flywheel ResistanceTraining (FRT). We have partnered with Exerfly to provide you with the very best education in Flywheel Technology. The first course focuses on Flywheel Fundamentals, however, additional courses that focus on eccentric boost motorised technology, concentrics and injury prevention/rehabilitation, will be developed downline.

Flywheel Resistance Training Online Course

Take your knowledge of flywheel training to the next level with our comprehensive, scientifically proven Flywheel Training online course.

Don’t understand flywheel training? Or struggling to implement eccentric exercises into your training routine? Understanding the ins and outs of flywheel training can be difficult, with millions of resources and studies online, and so many different applications. 

In this online course, John covers the basics and specifics of flywheel training, eccentric exercises and much more! The Flywheel Resistance Training Course contains a: Masterclass, Assessment Zone and Exercise Zone. The goal of these online courses is to improve your knowledge and practice as a therapist/coach/practitioner and are updated periodically. Click the link below to find out more and get access to a free course preview!