Meet JC


Hi, I'm Professor John Cronin otherwise known as John or JC. I’m dedicated to sharing my expert knowledge and ideas with you. The strength and conditioning, I share with you, is underpinned by proven scientific research, practice-based evidence and my experience uniquely crafted from working with developmental to elite athletes, as well as my world travels and international collaborations.

I was trained as a Physical Education teacher and spent my first five years as a primary teacher (5-12 year olds) these years gave me a solid grounding in pedagogy as I taught across multiple  subjects to varied levels of ability and ages. From then on the teaching became easier as the following five years I taught in secondary schools (13-17 year olds) as a physical education and maths teacher.  Along the way I got passionate about coaching and decided I wanted to pursue a coaching career and headed to Canada for my postgraduate studies.  

During these studies I was impacted by a sports biomechanics lecturer, shortly thereafter swapping out of coaching and into sport science.  The rest is history. I have spent most of the last 20 plus years at AUT University lecturing in the Undergraduate and Postgraduate programs in sport and exercise science. Currently I am a Professor in Strength and Conditioning at AUT University and most of my time is spent supervising and mentoring postgraduate students.


My personal research interests are in human movement research around strength and conditioning for strength, power, speed and change of direction. More recently youth athletic development, sport technology and wearable resistance research themes have piqued my interest.  Research needs to be original and innovative, and for this to happen you need to understand the strength and weaknesses, the gaps and limitations of whatever you are trying to change.

I research mostly to ensure that the knowledge I share with you is well informed.

For those of you who like statistics:

  • I currently supervise 15 PhD and 7 Masters students
  • I have published over 400 peer-reviewed papers
  • Supervised 30 PhD and 30 Masters students to completion
  • According to ResearchGate (RG) I have a research profile score of 45.46, which is higher than 97.5% of the 15 million members. John’s h-index is 75 (Google Scholar - GS), i10-index 238 (GS), had over 545,000 reads (~3,100 per week - RG), and over 19,000 citations (GS).

Check out my most recent research articles HERE


I’ve spent a great deal of time over the years training a variety of athletes and teams. My experience ranges from youth developmental athletes to elite World Champion individuals and teams. Sports at National level I have worked with, are cricket, netball, rugby 15s, rugby 7’s, discus, boxing, wrestling, gymnastics, shooting (shotgun and pistol), jet skiing and soccer. Citius, Altius and Fortius resonates with me. Much of my time these days is devoted to improving the speed, power and strength of athletes. A key focus is to train the trainers, so they know why they do what they do.