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Understanding Contractions

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Recently I’ve spent a little time unpacking isometrics (Region 2), which aligned with the isometrics module I just released. Over the next few weeks, I’d like to unpack some other regions of the force-velocity curve, namely regions 1 and 3.

Region 1 is known as eccentric, pliometric or yielding contractions and is where muscles are lengthening under tension. The important thing to understand here is that the muscle is attempting to contract (produce tension) even though it is elongating – thus the term eccentric contraction.

Region 3 is known as concentric, miometric or overcoming contractions and is where muscles are shortening while undergoing tension. This area is highlighted on the graph as the concentric force-velocity relationship will be the focus of ensuing posts.

Each type of contraction can differ in their physiological and mechanical basis, can contribute uniquely to movement and hence the adaptation they produce. Stay tuned for some contemplations on concentrics.