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Training Adaptation

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Chris Beardsley just posted on phase potentiation and interference, which I found thought provoking. Basically, the terminology refers to how one block of training can potentiate or interfere with a subsequent block of training.  Chris cited research how balance training before strength training interfered with rate of force development (RFD) adaptations and strength training before balance training interfered with both RFD and strength adaptation.

The interference principle we know a little bit about especially in terms of the influence of a solid block of aerobic training on strength adaptation. However, where my thoughts went were, wouldn’t it be great to have a resource (both evidence based and anecdotal) that outlined the interventions and outcomes, in terms of phase potentiation and interference. I think that would be gold, with the caveat, acknowledging that not one shoe fits all i.e. the principle of individualisation. Have you any phase potentiation training blocks you care to share, or research you know of?