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Titin, Eccentrics, Stiffness, Injury

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Titin, Injury resistance, eccentrics, stiffness, injury prevention, muscle length

So what has titin got to do with eccentrics, stiffness and injury? Let me explain.

During eccentric or lengthening contractions, some sarcomeres within muscle fibres are thought to stretch to greater lengths, these sites structurally weaker due to the amount of actin and myosin overlap, and hence the muscle is more susceptible to injury at these sites/lengths.

Of interest to many is how the the increased stiffness provided by titin at longer muscle lengths might play a fundamental and previously unrecognized role in injury resistance/prevention. That is, titin stiffness prevents the development of sarcomere length inhomogeneity during high-load contractions, which in turn can make muscle more resistant to injury.

So can you change titin properties to become bigger and stiffer and provide better injury resistance. Sure can! If you want to find out more in this area, just head to this link (https://lnkd.in/gAHcPw2h).