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The Future of Fast is Light

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This wearable resistance (WR) has piqued my interest for around seven years now as it is a form of strength training that not much was known about seven years back. There was a heap of research in the 1980’s and 1990s then it went dead. I think it went dead because the wearables were ill fitting and in some cases dangerous. So the Lila Exogen (WR) was a god send as far as I was concerned, as resisted sprint training with sleds and vests has always been a research passion.

Seven years down the track and I am happy to say we have unpacked a lot of new knowledge in the area, nearing 30 peer reviewed publications. This has mostly been achieved via PhD and Masters students and an International research network, shown on the slide. If you would really like to understand how to use WR to improve acceleration and speed, then Erin Feser has just completed a PhD in this area and has designed a great resource full of loads of practical information. Check out her presentation in the Research in Action part of the website!