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Supramaximal Accentuated Eccentric Loading

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What are some of the big differences between lengthening (eccentric) and shortening (concentric) contractions? In mechanical terms, certainly the force-velocity characteristics differ markedly, where eccentric forces are greater (supramaximal) than a concentric 1RM or maximum voluntary isometric (zero velocity) contraction (MVIC) and can be produced independent of velocity as shown in the figure.

So what are #1 and #2 representing? Supramaximal accentuated eccentric loading (AEL) at slow and high velocities.

Do they produce differential adaptation? Supramaximal accentuated eccentric loading at slow velocities (#2) most likely ideal for increasing strength and hypertrophy.

What do you think supramaximal AEL at high velocities is used for? What exercises are best suited for this type of training? What adaptation results? If you are interested eccentrics, the answers to these questions, and more then click here.