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Supramaximal Accentuated Eccentric Loading

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Do you know much about the region shaded on the force-velocity curve in the diagram? It is the eccentric force-velocity curve and it has a couple of differences to the concentric force velocity curve, namely: 1) To develop eccentric strength you should be using loads greater than your concentric 1RM or maximum voluntary isometric contraction – thus the term supramaximal accentuated eccentric loading (SAEL); and, 2) unlike concentrics you can generate large forces independent of velocity.

So how do you train with SAEL? Well there are a heap of devices out there that are designed for SAEL, however, the easiest way to train this way is to find your single limb 1RM and then add 10-20% of this 1RM to the bar or machine and lift the load with two limbs and then use the single limb to lower the load slowly (2-4 sec eccentric tempo) maintaining technique. If you can’t control the technique or tempo then you should lighten the load.

Do any of you use SAEL and if so what for and when? Is it part of your periodised plan? Do you have any special technologies that you use? Your thoughts appreciated.