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Strengthen muscle without strengthening muscle

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What tissue do you think the picture is showing? It’s an electron micrograph of the connective tissue found around the muscle fibres, which collectively are called the mysial tissues or intramuscular fascia. The muscle fibres have been removed via acid digestion.


Do you think there is a lot of this connective tissue?


What purpose does it serve?


Can you train/change this tissue?


If so, how does it adapt and what is it’s time course?


Does adaptation affect functional and sporting performance?


In short, this tissue is trainable and you can increase force capability of muscle without any muscular adaptation i.e. stronger connective tissues. Join this block course (https://resources.professorjohncronin.com/courses/optimising-and-power)to improve your understanding of strength and power optimisation via connective tissue training for rehab and performance.