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Strength Train Whilst You Run!

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Resisted running using wearable resistance

Force (mass x acceleration) capability in runners is typically developed via traditional resistance training methods where mass is emphasised, athletes overcoming large loads on bars. A consequence of such loading is that movement velocities and accelerations are slow/small. Conversely, force capability in runners can be developed in athletes by emphasising velocity and acceleration of movement, therefore moving light loads/masses quickly. So for runners placing light loads on their thighs or calves that could be moving at 400-1000 degrees per second during training, presents a considerable strength training stimulus specific to the musculature used during running.

Training Insight: WR develops movement specific force capability by moving light loads at high velocities/accelerations during running. The same load and limb placement will have different inertial properties depending on your velocity e.g. jog vs. tempo runs. As the neuromuscular system adapts to this type of training, progress from slower to faster velocities whilst monitoring volume, intensity and how you are responding to the loading.