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Strength at Long Muscle Lengths

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Just circling around to a previous post, where I asked were there any benefits to flywheel training over free weight training given the information on gravitational dead spots?

Some of you thought cable machines provided a similar overload to the flywheel. Does it? And cable machines certainly don’t work in space either. Also look at the size of the rack mount (A-C), you can pick it up and take it anywhere.

Anyways, where I was going with this, was that in the lateral shoulder raise example, the dumbbells provide very little overload at long muscle/sarcomere lengths (D), and provide maximal overload at the shortest muscle length (F).

Flywheel technology on the other hand can provide that overload at long muscle lengths (A).

So, what are the applications and functional significance of providing musculotendinous overload at long muscle lengths? How does this type of overload impact injury prevention and sporting performance?