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Smart Training - Concurrent Training

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Previously I talked of the smart training needed to retain fitness qualities over the course of a season. Too often in my career I was called in halfway through a season to offer advice as teams began losing games, where they would have normally won them. This looked especially bad on the S&C Coach if they were losing games in the last quarter of a game, because invariably people attribute the loss to fitness.

Smart training options are needed to develop and retain sport specific strength, power, speed, etc. One such smart option is using wearable resistance (WR) so that strength, speed and stamina training occur as part of your on-field practices rather than separate to it i.e. another form of concurrent training. I have made mention of this article by Feser et al (2020), showing how horizontal force, power and speed measures were retained in the WR group training ~1 session/week, whereas the unloaded group detrained on all measures. A research byte (https://lnkd.in/gsAbFsP) explains the training and results in more detail, and the reference is provided below.

Feser et al. (2020) https://lnkd.in/gKJFjCc