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Sliding filament theory out – Winding filament theory in?

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Sliding filament theory, winding filament theory

Last call on titin. I have been talking to this titin molecule over the last couple of posts and will put this discussion to bed after sharing this with you.

Some of the latest research says that titin has a huge role in active force production, the winding filament theory (WFT) suggested a better explanation of muscle function than the sliding filament theory (SFT). Head to this resource (https://lnkd.in/g8-zKB47) if you want to really understand the physiology, but in short the SFT is supplemented with a dynamic third titin filament that winds on actin, in the presence of calcium ions.

The WFT explains some phenomenon that the SFT fails to explain. For example, the WFT helps understand why eccentric contractions are known for their high force with corresponding lower energy cost, why activated muscles have enhanced force compared to passive muscles at identical lengths, residual force enhancement, etc.

Stay tuned I am thinking many of the exercise physiology texts we were brought up on are about to be re-written.