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Shifting Weight Shift

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In the previous post I asked, what does the weight shift (WS) seen in the force plate signal mean in practice? A very broad question. Here are some thoughts for you.

·     Would you be able to see or monitor WS without dual force plates?
·     In early-stage rehab this might be the only information you can get and monitor from a force plate. Have you seen anybody monitor weight shift asymmetry?
·      Is it valuable to monitor weight shift?
·     Can it inform your interventions/programming progressions in any manner?
·     Can it inform when you are ready to progress to eccentric bilateral loading or single leg loading of the legs?

Given that you are receiving quantitative information from the force plate you will have a more data driven/evidence based approach to understanding the accuracy of your diagnosis and efficacy of programming.

Take home, even in quiet standing in the weighing phase the force plate can provide you with a stack of valuable information.

BTW I included a picture of single limb loading with wearable resistance to get you thinking about addressing WS.