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So where does movement screening (MS) fit and how does it differ to musculoskeletal screening? My bead on things is shown in the diagram, MS is the place you should start prior to any musculoskeletal testing and physical capacity testing.

If serious unexplainable issues are found within the movement screening, then it is recommended that musculoskeletal screening takes place. This physiotherapeutic/musculoskeletal screening approach tends to be more granular involving functional and clinical tests to determine ROM, muscle length, strength, endurance, balance and proprioception issues. Conversely if there are no issues from the MS, then physical capacity testing can take place.  

Have you a favourite MS tool? My favourite is the Movement Competency Screen (MCS) developed by Matt Kritz. This is the screening tool we discuss in our latest online course (https://lnkd.in/gaY9c8wX). Up front, I have some bias as I was on the team that helped Matt develop it.

Some reasons why I like it:
- The MCS is based on common movements that S&C coaches use: squat, push, lunge and twist, bend and pull.
- An observation was that many S&C coaches were loading faulty movement patterns, so it provided a checklist what to look for in good movement patterns.
- It also provided a framework for progressively overloading the athlete:
o  Assisted
o  Bodyweight
o  Resisted
o  Eccentric
o  Plyometric