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Restoring Elasticity (Rehab)

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To restore musculotendinous elasticity after injury you need to be able to measure it!

How do you measure whether your rehab return to play is on track in this area?

One relatively simple way is to calculate the eccentric utilisation ratio (EUR) of your non-injured compared to the injured limb. The EUR is simply your countermovement jump (CMJ) height divided by your squat jump (SJ) height and should be greater than 1.0. That is, the elastic energy stored and used in the CMJ should increase jump height by 10-20% (1.1-1.2) compared to the concentric only SJ.

In the example on the slide what can you see? A large interlimb CMJ asymmetry (18.2%) and the EUR for the non-injured limb was 1.14, whereas the injured limb was only 1.00.

It would seem that the elasticity of the injured limb has not been restored. Where to next? Can you get more granular?