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Rest Redistribution vs Cluster Set Training

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Difference between cluster set training and rest redistribution training

So, what's the difference between cluster set (CS) training and rest redistribution (RR) training? During CS training additional intra-set rest periods are added alongside standard inter-set rest periods, the net effect a longer session. RR training on the other hand redistributes the total rest time (see figure), shifting it to include shorter but more frequent rest times, the net effect a same length session.

Both CS and RR training are effective for increasing several mechanical variables such as velocity and power outputs, and reducing lactate accumulation and perceived exertion, compared to traditional strength training. CS training as you would expect seems better at reducing fatigue induced changes in performance. Remember, as discussed previously getting more mechanical load into a session can drive greater adaptation in a number of other areas e.g. protein synthesis.

Check out this free download (https://lnkd.in/gsigm7p) which is a meta-analysis by Jukic et al (2020) if you want to take a deeper dive into this area.