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Periodising Partials

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So how do you periodise partials into your yearly training program (YTP)?

Let’s look at Rolf Ohmans short drop squat (SDS ~5 cm) vs full squat (FS) exercises. One school of thought would use full range of motion (ROM) exercise early in the YTP in the general prep phase. This especially important depending on age, maturity, training status and goals. Remember full ROM exercises, overload the muscle and connective tissue at long muscle lengths, where a lot of magic happens in terms of musculo-tendinous growth and strengthening.

However, the ROM, contraction durations and many other mechanical variables associated with the FS, lack specificity to most sporting movements, so progressing to the partials (e.g. SDS) should occur after this training period i.e. block periodisation – special prep phase.

Rolf uses an accumulation-intensification approach throughout the year rather than a block periodised approach. As such he shifts exercises from accumulation to intensification and as athlete’s progress through the year, each phase is intensified.

Similarly, I wouldn't totally forget full ROM in any phase as I think it really important for muscle and connective tissue integrity, it just wouldn't be a focus.

What are your thoughts? How do you use partials?