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Partial vs Full ROM Mechanics

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What do you think are the mechanical advantages of a short drop squat (SDS - 5.7 cm) vs a full (FS) squat? I've been chatting with Rolf Ohman about this and a big thanks to him for sharing his findings from 4 sets of 5 reps at 90 kg bilaterally.

In terms of the deep squat, it has larger ROM/displacement, so variables such as mean and peak concentric/eccentric velocity, mean power, time under tension, etc. are greater compared to the SDS. Also, the gluteus maximus is activated significantly more in the FS.

Because the SDS is characterised by extremely short displacements and time periods, the advantages lie with time to peak velocity and all accelerations, and any measurement expressed per/second.

Remember mechanical variables initiate mechanotransduction = molecular signalling = neuromuscular adaptation.

So, the question that begs asking is there a place for each of these in your program? If so, when?