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Mechanotherapy and Tissue Repair For Physiotherapists

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Strength and Conditioning for physiotherapists, mechanotherapy and tissue repair

What’s mechanotherapy? This article by Khan and Scott (2009) “Mechanotherpay: how physical therapists’ prescription of exercise promotes tissue repair,” makes an interesting reasically, there was some discussion around mechanotransduction, how it underpins musculoskeletal rehabilitation and its clinical application. From an “informal” survey they concluded that, it was not being taught in physical therapy programmes, which was a “major failing of medical education.” Is that the same 12 years later?

I have been banging on about mechanotransduction and trying to get more mechanical loading into your session since it is such a driver of signalling and tissue adaptation. Two mechanical relationships that are central to driving understanding into mechanical loading are the force-velocity and length-tension relationships (see pictures). If you want to up-skill in this area, then please join my block course.