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May The Force Plate Be With You

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So now you know a little bit more about force plates.

Also, now you know that most practitioners can afford force plates given the competition amongst manufacturers and the new leasing arrangements, force plates have become accessible to the many. In addition to these leasing arrangements, manufacturers have got the software to a place where it is intuitive to use – “plug and play” – “set and forget”. So, with all those barriers like cost, portability and utility put to rest, there is an amazing uptake of this technology by teams, clinicians, strength and conditioning coaches, etc.

This is great news as they’re an amazing tool if you’re interested in restoring, monitoring, or improving the force capability of muscle. One of the potential obstacles is around the education piece. What is a force plate? What can it measure? What do I need to consider before leasing or purchasing? What movements and variables should I measure and monitor? Etc.

If you want a little leg up on force plate fundamentals and an answer to those questions and more, then click HERE.