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Lengthening Contractions

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I’ve just released a block course on isometrics, concentrics and eccentrics. Undoubtedly the hardest module to get together was the eccentrics, due to the share volume of material in this area and the many applications of this contraction type. In fact, I can remember at one time in our Research Institute, we had six students completing PhDs on various aspects of eccentric training and adaptation.

When I think about eccentrics, I think these types of training:
·     Supramaximal accentuated eccentric loading (AEL)
·     Submaximal AEL – high force
·     Submaximal AEL – high velocity
·     Eccentrics to shift optimum length of muscle
·     Eccentrics for power production/propulsion
·     Eccentrics for power absorption/landing
·     Horizontal and lateral eccentric training

Each of these types of training have subtle differences in stress (force/load), strain (length/deformation) and velocity, which in turn lead to differential adaptation of the many physiological structures responsible for force production and transmission, and subsequently functional and sporting performance.

I look forward to unpacking a couple with you in ensuing posts and getting your thoughts.