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What do you see in the figure? A countermovement jump (CMJ) vertical ground reaction force signal, the various phases of the CMJ and the propulsive and landing forces associated with the jump landings.

In terms of the phases, you can see that eccentric or lengthening strength can play a role in both the propulsive and landing phases. Would your eccentric strengthening program look the same for both phases?

Also, you would’ve noted that the landing forces are greater than the propulsive forces. This is typical and it is usually the landing forces that cause injury, which makes sense. So, I would spend a lot of time developing eccentric landing strength and technique, before powering up the propulsive phase.

If you have this all under control, all good. If you want a few extra ideas around landing forces and some training ideas, then click on the link (https://lnkd.in/gaY9c8wX)