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Is Your Toolbox Full?

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How many “tools” do you use to train muscle? Pneumatics, chains, flywheel, free weights, body weight, electrostimulation, etc. I bet there is no shortage of tools in your toolbox. I was chatting with Grigoras Diaconescugrig about flywheel technology and how he uses it, “as an integrated part of training with more traditional methods … they must co-exist together … depending on what adaptation I target from training I chose my tools.”

Wearable resistance (WR) is no different. It needs to “co-exist” with other training methods. When should you bring it out of the toolbox? Here are 6 evidence-based options:
·     To provide movement specific mechanical and metabolic overload e.g. running, sprinting
·     For high velocity sport specific adaptation
·     To correct technique – coaching tool
·     In-season maintenance of strength, power, speed, and endurance especially for those with congested schedules
·     Return to play – addressing asymmetries and movement deficiencies
·     Priming the muscles for activity

Matching training tools with targeted adaptation is the science. Understanding what works, where, when and with who, is the art of what we do.