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Improving Change of Direction

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Sean Miller a Senior Performance Coach at ATH in Texas reached out and reported weekly improvements in his 5-0-5 times with the use of wearable resistance (WR) calf sleeves. Awesome! Thanks for sharing. He asked for some suggestions. For me that means time to experiment.

One way of improving performance is to break the movement of interest into its constituent parts and train these in isolation and /or train the weakest link. For example, an often-overlooked phase of change of direction is the deceleration phase i.e. the ability to arrest or brake your momentum.

So how can you train multiplanar deceleration. There is some good research out there on enforced stopping, however, I would like to see the effects of upper and/or lower body WR in combination with enforced stopping on deceleration and hence COD ability.

I haven’t got the answers and I don’t know if I am asking the right questions. But what I do know is you need to get the numbers – so you can measure, map, modify and monitor your training. Work out what works for you!