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Have You Got It Right?

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This is a bit of an adjunct to the “HITTers Beware” post. Thanks Karsten Jensen for sharing the quote of strength coach Charles Staley who said that, “Most athletes are more addicted to the fatigue a workout produces than to the results a workout produces.” It resonated and calls of “less is more” and “train smart, not hard” bounced around my grey matter.

This open access article “Athletes: Fit but Unhealthy” by Maffetone and Laursen (2016), is worth a read (https://lnkd.in/gUB_Cns). They posit that athletes though fit, are often unhealthy, as many suffer from overtraining syndrome, driven mainly by high training intensity and highly processed and high glycemic diets.

So it might be a timely reminder to take a stock take to ensure you have the right mix of high intensity and low intensity/recovery exercise, as well as look at those nutrition logs to ensure your athletes are eating healthy.