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Flywheel Training for Rehabilitation

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Exerfly Flywheeel technology, flywheel training, rehabilitation

Do you think fly wheel training would be useful in musculoskeletal rehabilitation? I think it could be better than many forms of resistance as the overload provided is directly related to the force production capability of your injured/non-injured limbs. That is, the energy stored in the flywheel and returned during the eccentric contraction is equal to that which you put into it during the concentric phase. Less in, less out!

I’m not the only one thinking this way as Jaap Wonders (2019) in a clinical commentary in the International Journal of Sports Physical Therapy (https://lnkd.in/gJS_-8E9 /) details the benefits of flywheel technology. The applications include:
·      injury prevention,
·      training after a period of unloading,
·      tendon and muscle rehabilitation,
·      as part of post-operative rehabilitation,
·      during late-stage sport specific rehabilitation,
·      falls prevention, and
·      treatment of sarcopenia among elderly.