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Flywheel Resistance Training - Muscle Soreness?

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Do you get muscle soreness using flywheel resistance training (FRT)?

Having a chat with Carmen Bott a week or so back and we were comparing notes on our Exerfly flywheel systems, and she observed that she had never got muscle soreness using it. This got me reflecting had I experienced muscle soreness with my rack mount, and I hadn’t. Now admittedly we both resistance train, but some of the exercises we were using we were doing for the first time. Still no muscle soreness?

I decided to head to the research to see if I could find any observations on this and found this review by Vicens-Bordas et al. (2018) which reported that, while FRT produces higher eccentric forces compared to traditional resistance training, “when an appropriate strategy is used, adverse effects such as injuries or delayed onset of muscle soreness after FW resistance training have not been documented.” Not unexpected.

Can other flywheel users assist here? Is this a common observation i.e. no muscle soreness? If so why?