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Flying Wheels

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flywheel training for injury rehab, injury prevention and sporting performance, Exerfly flywheel technology

We’ve just entered a partnership with Exerfly a flywheel technology company here in NZ. I know a little about flywheel technology, which I will share with you. However, I am hoping also that you share with me how you've been implementing this technology as part of your practice, as I know there are 100s of research articles in this area and many of you will have been using the technology for several years.

So how does this technology work? Take the squat in the picture for example. During the upward or concentric phase, the flywheel stores rotational energy. At the end of this phase the flywheel wants to release this energy and return to its original state as fast as it can. Therefore, there is a large angular acceleration in the opposite direction which equals a large torque or turning force. This large torque generates a large downward force on the subject, and hence, flywheel technology is known for the eccentric overload it provides.

The physics can get a little more complex than that but the underlying message is that this type of resistance training is no gimmick and can offer a lot of options in the rehab and training of self and others, from rehab to sporting performance. More to come.