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Flying Strength

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I am interested if anybody using flywheel technology feels that it engages the core more so than traditional strength training for certain exercises? When I am performing front, lateral and rear shoulder raises, using the Exerfly rack mount flywheel the activation of the core sure feels that way. I am thinking you brace more with that transition from the concentric to eccentric phases.

Anyways, I wanted to check out how flywheel strength training compared to conventional strength training, and came across this open access meta-analysis by Petre et al 2018 (https://lnkd.in/gp_DRCxw ). In short it was concluded that flywheel training provides eccentric overload and variable resistance that differs from traditional resistance training (TRT). The strength and hypertrophic adaptations in untrained, moderately trained, and well-trained individuals, were comparable. Surprisingly, greater strength improvements were found in the well-trained group and among younger individuals.

I really like the technology in terms of not only providing exercise and contraction mode variability, but also good for a change up to avoid training monotony.