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Fly In And Out

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Exerfly, Flywheel technology, eccentric training

Here's one observation from a newbie with Exerfly rack flywheel technology (see picture). You just can't cheat that eccentric phase during flywheel training! It catches up with you at some stage! That is, you have to arrest or brake the angular momentum (flywheel mass x angular velocity) some time/displacement during the movement.

Given this information, you can make a choice to eccentrically overload the muscle at short muscle lengths (inner range) or at long muscle lengths (outer range). That is, you can choose to brake flywheel momentum, immediately after the switch from concentric to eccentric, or mid- or terminal eccentric displacement. Furthermore, you can easily change your focus with each repetition – mixed muscle-length eccentric overload.

The ease with which you can do this type of eccentric overload with flywheel technology is pretty unique and has heaps of applications for rehab and performance methinks. Thoughts?