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Exercise Essentials (Rehab)

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What is essential exercise knowledge for physiotherapists? Is it having a repertoire of exercises that you can prescribe specific to any diagnosis? When I look at many of the posts on Insta and the like, there seems to be a plethora of different exercises being demonstrated specific to a condition e.g., ankle mobility.

Personally, I hope we all know how to progress and regress exercise selection and provide that variation as needed. What is more important in my eyes is to understand what is happening under the wrapping. For example, a squat can have many looks – full, half, partial, fast, slow, super-slow, pause, pulse, isometric, concentric, eccentric, stretch-shorten cycle, split, etc. But what is really happening at a musculotendinous or tissue level (actin, myosin, collagen) with all these variations, is what I think can make all the difference with rehab and your practice.

As Mick Hughes said in a recent post “rehab shouldn't be full of circus tricks. Don't get distracted by the cool, sexy videos you see on social media.”