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Exercise Essentials - Overload (Rehab)

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I liked Mick Hughes comments about not being distracted by the cool sexy videos you see on social media. What is important is client/athlete outcomes, which is not related to how many exercises you know but rather your understanding of how to load tissue and the likely time course of adaptation.

So, what does loading/overloading tissue look like to you?

Loading tissue has many faces, but generally can be summarised into three mechanical qualities – force, length and velocity, as shown in the photo.

Remember mechanical loading drives cellular signalling and tissue remodelling (mechanotransduction). Your ability to progress/regress these three variables is the game changer.

It would therefore seem very important to understand mechanical loading. Two pivotal relationships you should know inside out to enhance your practice, are the force-velocity and force-length relationships.

Want to power up your knowledge on these topics? Head to the link: https://lnkd.in/gSgSJhqb