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Enhancing High Performance

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Enhancing High Performance - Strength and conditioning coach, additive problem, subtraction solution

Most enlightening chat with Richard Young PhD a couple of days back. One part of the conversation that really resonated was when he gave me insight into what his role mostly involves when he gets called into high performing environments i.e. businesses and sporting organisations. His thoughts were that many problems around non-performance could be solved with subtraction solutions. We have a great propensity to add the latest widget to our program, new theories, new positions, new ways of doing things, etc. This additive problem sometime clouds our thinking around the “big boulders to success”, “doing the simple things well”, “identifying the secret sauce”.

We need to pay attention to what we add to our programs. Those teams and organisations who are successful tend to filter and subtract earlier. Richard has got a book out, which is called Simplify and is worth a read (https://lnkd.in/gzvKeAs)