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Elastic Band Resistance Benefits

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So, what do you think some of the benefits of EBR?

Because the resistance is a function of the stretch co-efficient of the band and displacement or stretch, EBR is not governed by the effects of gravity. So, what does that mean? Well, if you wanted to overload the muscle and prevent deconditioning in space then EBR would work. More importantly, it has minimal mass but can offer a wide spectrum of resisted overload. Associated with minimal mass is its: 1) portability, you can put it in your backpack and train anywhere in the world; and 2) utility, you can affix it to an object or a limb and begin training anytime. It has a heap of mechanical advantages over traditional or free weight resistance (FWR) training, which will be unpacked in ensuing posts. It is likely a more sport specific and functional type of training also, given the velocity and acceleration profiles associated with this type of resistance. More to come on that also.

There are a few other advantages I will mention in other posts. What do you see as its main advantages and limitations?