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Eccentrics for Propulsion

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What have the two shaded regions in the diagrams have in common?

Previously I talked about the many faces of eccentrics and specifically mentioned, supramaximal accentuated eccentric loading (#1). You can also classify and emphasise submaximal accentuated eccentric loading (SubAEL). It is submaximal in that the loads used are less than concentric 1RM i.e.  the loading is determined by concentric strength.

When I think about SubAEL loading I always think about high force (#2) and high velocity (#3) emphases. In the case of the shaded region on the curve, SubAEL is emphasising the velocity of the eccentric phase in isolation (e.g. rehab) or in combination with a concentric contraction (i.e. stretch-shorten cycle - performance).

Back to the question – high velocity eccentric phases are pre-requisite for optimising the propulsive phase of jumping. What does your high velocity AEL look like?

N.B. I know technically eccentrics should not be appearing on a concentric force-velocity curve, however, it is conceptual for me, helping guide my thoughts on eccentric training. If you have a better model or the like – please let me know.