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Eccentric Quasi-Isometrics (EQI)

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Eccentric Quasi-Isometric training, online resource, how eccentric quasi-isometric training works

In the photo you can see Mel Siff’s classification of types of muscle action. Of interest is the use of quasi-isometrics and in particular EQI muscle actions. An EQI is where you maintain a specific joint-angle against a submaximal load for as long as possible; as fatigue accumulates, an eccentric contraction occurs while you attempt to resist muscle lengthening through the prescribed range of motion.

I was chatting with Karsten Jensen about how an article by Oranchuk et al (2019) inspired him to incorporate EQI in his training, and how he has incorporated mental and breathing aspects into EQIs.

So, what are the proposed benefits of EQI training?
·     Increasing size of muscle (hypertrophy), which is heavily dependent on time-under-tension, total cumulative loading and volume.
·     Improving muscular endurance.
·     Joint health and rehabilitation especially since EQIs are very slow velocity and therefore likely well tolerated in rehabilitation/special populations.

There is quite a lot to this type of training, so head to this presentation by Oranchuk, which was three years in the making (PhD) and is stacked full of great information https://lnkd.in/ghWXpd5g