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Eccentric Loading of Tissues

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Do you know what's happening in the diagram? This model can tell you so much about physiology, mechanics, musculotendinous function, assessment and programming, for injured and healthy muscle. But let’s start at the beginning.

What do the abbreviations stand for?
CC = contractile component e.g. muscle - actin and myosin filaments
PEC = parallel elastic component e.g. mysial tissues – perimysium …
SEC = series elastic component e.g. tendon

What are you seeing in this diagram?

Hint, A is modelling the sarcomere/muscle at resting length.

What is happening in B and C?

The sarcomere/muscle has extended to a longer length i.e. an eccentric contraction.

What else are you seeing?

Join me in a free 30 minute webinar unpacking this diagram to see how this model can inform your understanding of eccentrics, musculotendinous function, assessment and programming.