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Corticosteroids and Connective Tissue

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Remember the three component model I posted previously. It’s back! I’ve found the three component model fascinating for many years, as it provides insight into those tissues that are important for force production and transmission. The parallel and series elastic components of the model are representative of the mysial (epimysium, perimysium and endomysium) and tendinous structures respectively, and these and other structures are collectively known as connective tissue.

Corticosteroids have been widely prescribed in the management of sports injuries to promote rapid return to the field of play, due to their ability to inhibit the inflammatory cascade during injuries such as muscle strains and tendinopathies.

However, corticosteroid treatment of sports injuries is not without controversy. Do you understand the extent these drugs affect connective tissue, and hence the strength and power of athletes? If you are interested in finding out more about this and optimising strength and power of connective tissue from both a rehab and performance perspective, then register for my course, which begins 14th June! https://lnkd.in/gnHfEGS