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Concentrating on Concentrics

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All human movement is different mixtures of force and velocity, and their relationship to each other and contribution to human movement depends on whether the contractions are eccentric, isometric or concentric. This relationship between contractions can be shown as a force-velocity curve, the concentric force velocity curve shown on the slide. As the muscle approaches maximal force in concentric contractions, velocity decreases as denoted by number 1. Conversely as the load that the muscle is required to lift decreases, contraction velocity can increase as shown by the number 2. This relationship is intuitively obvious as it is difficult to lift heavy loads quickly. The physiological basis for this relationship can be explained by two phenomena, crossbridge cycling rates and viscosity.

So what is the significance of this all? What sports are predominantly concentric only? Does concentric only training afford any advantages over other training? Can you optimise viscosity and cycling rates for better force production? I've just released a new block course on concentrics, eccentrics and isometrics. Check it out for some up-skilling - https://lnkd.in/gFTiTxm