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Asymmetry Thresholds

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How to assess asymmetrys, free online course, asymmetry threholds for physiotherapy and strength and conditioning coaches

Just been putting this free resource together about limb asymmetry and thought I’d share bits of it with you. So, click here if you are keen to engage or up-skill in this area.

The first area I thought I’d take on is what is considered a threshold of interlimb asymmetry that is worrisome to the practitioner. Seems reasonably straight forward and over time most of us would be thinking 10-15% as a red flag and most likely implementing some sort of intervention. However, for those of you working in this area you know that it is not as straight forward as that.

So where did this 10-15% threshold come from? What is the natural asymmetry in non-injured populations? Do these asymmetries differ when we use cyclic and acyclic tests? Can we even use percent difference between limbs to provide us insight into injury risk? These are some of the things I look at in this first module.

Join me on this journey over the next 12 weeks unpacking asymmetry. Also, it is my hope that you contribute in the development of this resource.