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Asymmetry Pre-Planning

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Asymmetry Insights Free online course, Assessing asymmetry for physiotherapists and strength and conditioning coaches

Do you put much pre-planning into your asymmetry assessments? A good place to start is the why? Are you assessing asymmetry to: drive better movement and sporting performance; reduce likelihood of injury; and/or, monitor your rehab efficacy? That is the easy part.

What next? Well, determining what sort of asymmetry you want to look at, is important, because there are multiple options. For example, you might like to quantify inter-limb jump asymmetry in tandem with anthropometric differences i.e., size or composition (fat mass vs lean muscle mass) of injured limb with jump measures.

After this there is a stack of factors you need to consider to ensure you collect accurate, reliable and meaningful information to guide your programming. Head to the link (https://lnkd.in/grsNrWsv) if you are keen to receive a template or ideas for pre-planning your asymmetry testing.