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Slow versus fast jump assessments. Interlimb asymmetry

How good is your understanding re. slow vs fast stretch-shorten cycle (SSC) performance i.e. coupled eccentric-concentric contractions as in typical human motion? Do you know what sort of jumps assess slow and fast SSC performance? Would you expect the interlimb asymmetry between limbs for both types of jumps be similar?

Slow SSC performance (~600 ms) is typically assessed with countermovement jumps, which were talked about in the last post. Fast SSC performance (~250 ms) can be assessed with a drop jump, a force signal of which is shown on the slide. What are you seeing?

What was real interesting with this athlete/client was that the low load - slow SSC asymmetries were all less than 10%. Guess what happened when the higher and faster stretch loads were assessed with the drop jump? Find out and learn so much more in this free resource https://lnkd.in/gEY6AzRi. Certainly a lot of food for thought here!