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Addressing Asymmetry

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Load Orientation, addressing asymmetry using wearable resistance

What are you seeing in the two diagrams? The belly or bigger/heavier part of the wearable resistance (WR) is oriented either medially or laterally. So not only can you make a limb heavier for movement specific strength training, but you can also orient the load in a manner to produce subtle turning forces around the joint as in the medial and lateral loading, producing internal and external rotation.

So what? Well you can use such loading to exaggerate a problem, to correct a problem or as a simple movement coaching tool. One of the best applications for WR is helping you address those asymmetries that you think problematic, as your client/athlete can wear the WR all day as part of their activities of daily living, their strengthening happening as part of what they are doing and not a separate session, which is most likely non-specific to their movement needs